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Trajan’s Column

Rome, Italy


The greatest Dacian leader – Decebalus. The picture depicts his sacrifice due to an elongated resistance against Rome – From Trajan’s Column.

Trajan’s Column.


Trajan’s Column was dedicated to the emperor in May 113 AD. It depicts the 1st and 2nd Dacian Wars (101-2 AD, 105-6 AD), but there are only 18 battle scenes, with the majority showing the daily activities of the army. There are 2500 figures, at least 60 of which are of Trajan himself, and the scenes are carved in low relief. Whilst scholars such as Lepper and Frere argue that the column is parallel to Trajan’s account of the wars in his Dacica (just one line of the book survives), Settis disagrees, believing that due to the repeated formulas, there are also elements of propaganda and is thus not an accurate historical account.


Trajan’s Column. A roman warrior is fighting while is carrying a head of an enemy in the mouth  like a trophy


ROMA-Remarkable detail from Trajan’s Column, which displays the triumphant scenes from the Dacian Wars.
(2nd century A. D.)