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Temple of Vesta in the Roman Forum.

The Ara Pacis.

Theatre of Marcellus.




Arch of Janus.


Clash of the classes

Remains of the Arch of Augustus.

Marble relief of Jason the physician and patient.

Roman, 2nd century AD.
From Athens, Greece.

Greek medicine continued to thrive under the Roman Empire. This relief shows Jason seated on a cushioned stool, bearded and draped in the manner of a philosopher. He examines a patient, who appears to be a child, prematurely aged and with an unnaturally enlarged stomach. To the right is an egg-shaped object resembling a cupping vessel, which when heated could be used to draw blood or pus from a wound. If it is intended to be a cupping-vessel, then the scale exaggerates the actual size.

In translation the inscription reads: ‘Jason, also known as Decimus, of the Archarnian deme [an administrative division of Athens] a physician …’. It then goes on to mention other members of his family.

The top of the relief is worked into a series of mock architectural antefixes (roof decorations).