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Scene from the Amazonomachy: a cavalryman seizes an Amazon by her cap.  Roman mosaic emblema (marble and limestone), artist unknown; 2nd half of 4th cent. CE.  From Daphne, near Antioch-on-the-Orontes (=modern Antakya, Turkey); now in the Louvre.  Photo credit: 

© Marie-Lan Nguyen / Wikimedia Commons.


Roman floor mosaic, Ostia Antica

* Augustan era

* Exhibition: Ostia, Gateway to Rome. Vapriikki, Tampere 1.11.2019-10.5.2020

Tampere, November 12, 2019


An archaeologist working on the restoration of an Ancient Roman mosaic representing Apollo, the god of music & arts

Discovered in the Terme de Traiano (Baths of Trajan) near the Ancient Colosseum in Rome.


Mosaic of a Roman soldier embracing a woman. ( Realhistory)


Roman mosaic floor, from the Gallo-Roman Museum of Lyon.


Detail of a Roman floor mosaic depicting Oceanus, on display at the Museo archeologico nazionale delle Marche in Ancona, Italy 


~Marine mosaic.
Culture: Roman
Period: Imperial Period
Date: A.D. 200–230
Place of origin: Seleucia Pieria (port city of Antioch), Hatay (formerly province of Syria), Turkey


Roman Mosaics, The Museum of East Riding, Hull, August 2019.


Octopus Mosaic in Pompeii, Italy

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A Roman mosaic has been fully uncovered in a West Berkshire village in what has been described as one of Britain’s most exciting discoveries.

It is one of just three known mosaics of its kind in the world, according to Anthony Beeson, an expert on Roman and Greek architecture and art.

Archaeologist Matt Nichol described it as “second to none” in terms of imagery and iconography.

The mosaic depicts a mythical chariot race for the hand of a princess.

The mosaic will be opened to the public on Saturday but will then be carefully reburied because of its location on private arable farming land. Read more.