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The Ides of March are come.

Aye, Caesar, but not gone.


history meme. five assassinations: Julius Caesar, by Senators of Rome
15 MARCH 44BC. On the Ides of March, Julius Caesar entered the Senate. There he was stabbed to death by around forty senators, members of the ruling class and paragons of education and intellect in the society of Ancient Rome. Only twenty-one names of these conspirators, self-styled as “The Liberators”, survive history and nearly all of them staunchly defended the so-called sancitity of the Republic threatened, allegedly, by the quick rise to tyrannical power of Julius Caesar. However, the death of the “tyrant” had also led to the end of the Republic for which he was killed. Civil war broke out, with Mark Antony on one side and Octavian, Caesar’s legal heir, on the other. Eventually, Mark Antony fled to Egypt, where he would be defeated by Octavian. Octavian became Augustus, the first Emperor and founder of the Roman Empire, and ushered in the era of Pax Romana.







Back when tumblr did a thing

My sister: I thought Julius Caesar died of 24 stab wounds, not 23.
Me: Yep. 23. Well, I don’t really know the EXACT number because I haven’t read his biography yet.
My sister: Wait, he wrote a biography after he died? That’s pretentious.


Texts from Shakespeare plays characters ^_^
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