womenofantiquity: Boudicca was such a hardass! I love her. BASIC…


Boudicca was such a hardass! I love her.

BASIC BIO: (c. 30 – 60 AD) Boudicca was queen of the Celtic Iceni when Britain was still a far-flung territory of the Roman empire. After her husband, the king, died, the Iceni found themselves battered by the Romans; Boudicca herself was beaten and her daughters raped. The Iceni and other groups planned an uprising, with Boudicca at the helm. The rebels managed to raze several major settlements to the ground, including London. Though the details of her defeat are spotty, it is a known fact that Boudicca and her army eventually fell to the Roman imperial forces. Her exact fate is unknown.

HER IMPACT: Boudicca was largely forgotten until the Renaissance came to Britain. From there, her popularity soared, and Queen Victoria, in an ironic misunderstanding of Boudicca’s fight against imperialism, took her on as a symbol for herself and the British empire. Boudicca remains a folk hero in Britain, and has inspired a number of films and books. She also lends her name one of the best Enya songs, which is exactly the legacy the rest of us daydream about.