7 facts about sex in Ancient Rome


Children, get out and let us old historians talk about… eh… Ancient Rome.

  • One of the biggest taboos regarding sex in ancient Rome was oral sex. The profanation of one’s mouth was seen as big dishonor since the mouth was the main channel of communication and social life. Being called a fellator was a horrible insult.
  • When king Francesco of the Two Sicilies visited the archaeological museum of Naples, he was angry and shocked by the incredible amount of erotic pieces that people has found in Pompeii. Thus he ordered them to be in a special secret room. And the Gabinetto Segreto of the Museum was born.
  • Relations among men were not bad seen. However, if a free man of status and prestige assumed a bottom role, it was almost a crime. But, as for the slaves, being a bottom was their duty.
  • The chastity of the Vestals priestesses was considered to have a direct bearing on the health of the Roman state. And if one of them violated this rule, the punishment was horrible, sometimes they were even burned alive.
  • The philosopher Dioscorides claimed that the consumption of water lily in order to stop erotic dreams.
  • Antinous was a slave lover of emperor Hadrian. He died during their travel to Egypt, in strange circumstances. He was deified and the emperor erected the city of Antinopolis in his honor.
  • The numerous representations of penises were not related to erotic issues, but in general to the fertility of both the soil and women.